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*Serving Gaston County and surrounding area.



 *Did you know that during construction/remodeling any debris and particulate is entering your exposed air duct system? 

"The quality of indoor air inside (homes), offices, schools, and other areas is important not only for comfort but also for one's health. Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) has been tied to symptoms like headaches, fatigue, trouble concentrating, and irritation of the eyes, nose, throat and lungs."



 Everyone cleans out their dryer's lint trap! Did you know that the dryer vent/duct work to exterior of the home is rarely (if ever) cleaned out AND is a leading cause of fires in the home? 

Better Air Carolinas (BAC) will inspect and clean your Dryer Vent System which includes checking the dryer's efficiency (anemometer testing), lint removal from back of dryer/interior, dryer vent (dryer-to-wall), vent/duct system (wall-to-exterior) and vent cap cleaning and inspection. *Photographic evidence provided. 

*Installation and repair services available.

keep in mind:

If anyone proposes coming to your home for less than $99 for 'duct cleaning' : RUN!!! 

BAC will NEVER advertise as such! To properly clean a single system takes 4-5 hours.

To properly clean duct work requires substantially more that shoving a vacuum hose into a register! *Customers have shared their past duct cleaning nightmares!

*Creating DRAW is required to assist in properly cleaning duct work. *Various cleaning equipment is utilized dependent upon flex, fiber board or metal duct systems.

Air Duct System Cleaning


The A/C unit (*entire air conveyance system) plays an important role 

in the health of the home and its occupants. 

Pets, occupants with allergies or asthma, cigarette or cigar smoke, water contamination or damage to the home or HVAC system, home renovation/remodeling projects, homes in excess of 5 years old, require duct cleaning.  

Notice rust / moisture on your registers? Is there proper vapor barrier under your home?  Lack of VAPOR BARRIER leads to moisture in the home and possible health issues!


*Air conveyance system includes air handler, blower, coils, trunk lines, flex duct, registers and returns.

Dryer Vent System Cleaning


Better air flow means a more powerful, efficient dryer (*drying time reduced substantially). 

A closed or restricted vent/duct will reduce air flow, cost more in electricity or even clog, causing a fire! Please don’t become a statistic!

 *Many dryer vent exhausts/ducts exit through the roof. Gravity is NOT kind to these systems. To properly clean these systems sometimes requires separation of the exhaust/duct system in the attic (depending on the length).  

 *BAC uses a combination of pneumatic tools, brushes, forward & reverse air sweeps, blowers and vacuum systems to properly clean your system.  

*Dryer exhaust vents should be inspected and cleaned at least once a year depending on location, routing and usage.

Example of AIR WHIP duct cleaning.

What's in your ducts?

*notice low-cost duct cleaning ads?

Don't be fooled!

*To properly clean a single air duct system takes 5-6 hours.

*Please read the important article from WebMD.

Additional services


Cold floors, notice mold/mildew on walls or ceiling? Insulation pulling away from joists/flooring?  

There may be little or no vapor barrier under the home. Rain-water properly draining away from the foundation?  

Mildew or SMOKE (cigarettes) odor within the residence?  

Cleaning the duct work does not get rid of the smoke in the residence.

An antimicrobial / defogger solution / ionizer does not cure this problem. 

There are two ways to properly handle this situation: Coating or Re-Lining.

1. Coating: process where we clean the interior of the air handler unit (insulation) then apply a mold, mildew proof/anti-odor causing bacteria primer to the insulation.

2. Re-Lining: process where the interior insulation (of the air handler) is completely removed then a product called KFlex is installed; (*non-fibrous material; resists mold, fungal and bacteria growth and protected with an EPA-approved antimicrobial agent).

*The least expensive is to COAT,

Mold / Mildew:

*BAC inspects crawl spaces for moisture-laden insulation and insufficient vapor barrier. BAC will replace/install insulation & vapor barrier as necessary. Improper insulation and vapor barrier leads to moisture in the home & duct system.

*BAC will remove bird’s nest(s) from exhaust/vent systems & install bird-guard as needed.

*BAC offers detailed Inspection Reports providing photographic documentation of all services provided. 

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